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What Is Wade Marketing’s White Label Solution?

Imagine having your own internal marketing team you could rely on to give you on-demand, fantastic digital marketing – but without any expensive overhead, no matter what size your business is. 

In a nutshell, that’s Wade Marketing’s White Label Solution. Our program ensures you get reliable, high-quality marketing work without relying on Upwork or shoddy agencies.

We’re founded by veteran digital marketer, Zach Wade. Wade Marketing is an exceptional digital marketing agency with 20+ employees, hundreds of clients across countless verticals, and decades of cumulative experience. We’re proud to have generated millions in revenue for our clients through smart, effective digital marketing.

Our White Label Partnerships are for ambitious people or companies with big dreams but not much time. We specialize in helping job stackers produce top-notch digital marketing for their jobs. We also help busy marketers and marketing startups who have a lot on their plate but don’t want to let their quality drop. In short, the White Label Program is for you if you want to outsource your marketing and get high-quality work.

White Label Specifics

Let’s dive a little deeper into what our White Label Solution can do for you.  

We can handle all your paid digital marketing. This includes managing your paid search like YouTube ads, display/shopping (Google and Bing), Amazon ads, and marketing automation. We use Hyros to get 100% accurate AI-driven tracking on all paid ads. We also take care of the setup, implementation, and monthly costs handled for each client.

We can also produce any organic digital marketing you might need, such as social media management, SEO content, on- and off-page link-building, and email marketing.

You choose how and when you work with us. If you need a stable, reliable, regular flow of work, you can set up a monthly recurring package. Typically, this kind of work is recurring itself, like paid ads or social media management. We offer all recurring clients 10% off because we value long-term relationships. 

If you’re overwhelmed one particular month, you can book a one-time package to help tide you over. This package is most commonly used for single-use setups, like web design or account audits. This package is typically a dollar range, and always a one-time fee. 

As we mentioned above, digital marketing is what we do – and what we love to do. With decades of experience and a lot of passion, we’ve helped our white label partners deliver tremendous results for their clients without breaking the bank.

What’s Wrong With The Alternative?

When we were just getting Wade Marketing up and running, we tried out a few white-label solutions ourselves. Especially as a growing startup, it can be tricky to predict workflow. We wanted to get some outside help we could rely on in the months when we had a lot of work but didn’t want to let our clients down.

However, we ran into all the same issues you’re probably running into now. First, we struggled to find an affordable white-label offering to start with. Many white-label offerings were too expensive for our growing business at the time, or they were confusingly priced – and we didn’t want to risk getting slapped with hidden fees and charges later on.

Once we started working with some, we found almost all of them had bad, even opaque communication. There were often long, unexplained delays between putting in a request and getting it delivered. The reporting on digital marketing work was not very clear, making it difficult to figure out if it was working or not. And frankly, we had to redo a lot of it ourselves since much of it was too low-quality to put in front of our clients.

Basically, we lost time and money by relying on substandard, inefficient white-label solutions. 

When we were in a position to no longer need white labels, we decided it was time to build our own white-label offering. We wanted to create something that would be affordable, high-quality, reliable, and transparent so our clients could easily see the value in working together.

The main difference between our White Label Solution and any other out there is our focus on communication. When we say our solution is just like having your own internal marketing team, we really mean it. 

Instead of having a chain of comms – you speak to your account managers who talk to our account managers who speak with the marketing team – we give you direct access to our marketing team directly. We also guarantee a reply within minutes because we know exactly how fast-paced digital marketing can be.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a solo agency owner, a freelancer, or you own a full-scale agency: communication is the main factor for success, and it’s what we prioritize most to make sure you’re getting exactly what your client needs to succeed. 

Is White Labeling For You?

Do you want to outsource your marketing? This can be for any reason – you’re busy, you’re growing, or you just need a hand. 

Do you want to avoid typical outsourcing issues like quality, communication, and reliability? Maybe you’ve tried other white-label offerings in the past and you are familiar with the headache of using Fiverr or Upwork to try to get good digital marketing done. 

If the answer to both those questions is yes, then our White Label Solution is a great fit for you. Your clients are counting on you to deliver top-notch digital marketing work, and you can count on us to do that for you at a reasonable price, no matter if you’re just a freelancer or running a full agency. 

Get started by booking a call to see how we can work together. 

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