Cancellation Policy

Thank you for visiting and availing our services at Wade Marketing (“we”. “our”, “us”)( Our user policies including this cancellation policy forms an integral part of our service and should be collectively read with the terms of service that our partners (“you”“your”) agree to before we provide them our service.

Payment for our Services

We offer two payment options for our partners who purchase our service namely, (i) an upfront payment option; and (ii) monthly or weekly payment plan options.

Advance payment is preferred for all services. In order to initiate any service, our partners undertake to pay in advance for all services via our website, our online payment gateway, or by check at the time of signing any Agreement.

When our partners agree to pay for our service on a monthly or weekly basis, we process them through recurring credit card transactions through our payment partner. Our invoice provided to the partner will include interest fees and any additional fees that the partner has acquired for additional services. On the Renewal Date automatic transactions will be executed by our payment partner. We reserve the right to assess and collect charges on late payment on overdue balances.

Canceling our Service

  • Cancellation of our services shall only become effective, if such cancellation is requested subject to a one-month notice to be offered by the partner to us in writing. We do not accept cancellation requests that are upfront or requested with immediate effect.
  • Cancellation of our service does not guarantee a refund and not all cancellations are refundable.
  • At the time of purchasing our service, our partners acknowledge that they will have access to course materials which our experts and industry professionals have curated over years of industry experience and expertise. Materials worth thousands of dollars are provided to our partners, even though they are on monthly payment plans and are paying a nominal amount each month.
  • All our partners who pay us upfront are required to provide a one month notice of cancellation in writing.
  • All our partners who are currently on monthly or weekly payment plans shall provide a one month notice of cancellation in writing. However, all such partners expressly and unequivocally undertake to pay the remainder of their balance fees in accordance with their payment schedules. Failure to pay the remaining dues shall constraint Wade Marketing to initiate recovery proceedings against the defaulting partner which shall solely be defended by them at their own cost.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns related to our user policies or if you wish to share your feedback, please contact us via email

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